PDF direct printing

PDF Direct printing with Microplex laser printers such as the SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A3 is now possible to print PDF data directly, without the use of a driver.

In addition to the well-known emulations, e.g. the production printers SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A now also support the direct printing of PDF data without drivers and external programs.

The PDF format is often used for printing business documents when these data are generated externally, e.g. customers, service providers, etc. This data should be used as unchanged as possible. When using printing software and / or drivers, there is always the risk that the print data can be easily changed by these programs. For example, unintended scaling may occur due to the physical properties of the printer or driver settings. This could possibly make barcodes unreadable and thus interrupt the logistics chain or lead to complex rework.

Direct PDF printing with the support of paper handling functions is a procedure for printing multi-page documents with Microplex printers.

Please keep reading if you need to:

  • ... print PDF files directly without a window driver.
  • ... if you want to print this PDF data with the highest performance
  • ... if you want to determine from which paper tray your PDF is printed.

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