PDF-Direct Printing

With Microplex cutsheet laser printers  the SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A3 it is now possible to print PDF data directly, without the use of a driver.

In addition to the well-known emulations, e.g. the production printers SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A now also support the direct printing of PDF data without drivers and external programs.

The PDF format is often used for printing business documents when the data is generated externally, e.g. customers, service providers, etc. This data should be used as unchanged as possible. When using printing software and / or drivers, there is always the risk that the print data can be easily changed by these programs. For example, unintended scaling may occur due to the physical properties of the printer or driver settings. This could possibly make barcodes unreadable and thus interrupt the logistics chain or lead to complex rework.

Direct PDF printing with the support of paper handling functions is a procedure for printing multi-page documents with Microplex printers.

Unchanged printing

PDF data are output unchanged on Microplex laser printers. No scaling, positioning, etc. are carried out. You get a 1: 1 expression, just as the data was generated. For example, Delivery documents with barcode are readable in the provided ratio. For this purpose, the unchanged PDF data are transferred directly to the printer via lpr (printer spool system) without being modified by external software. This ensures your system independence, no window drivers are required.

Paper handling

Microplex printers provide up to 10 individual printer configurations. Each of these configurations can include individual paper feed settings, paper output, and other page parameters that cannot be defined with a PDF file. When sending the data, one of the individual configurations is simultaneously selected and the requirement is processed accordingly.

Printer feedback

Direct printing of PDF data can also be combined with the Status-Out and PLC-Control options for a Microplex laser printer. Automated page acknowledgments can be automatically reported to the system, or, if required, e.g. the requirement can be released via an external signal (PLC).

This allows the SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A3 to be fully integrated into production systems. The printer then communicates directly with the controlling system either via electrical signals (PLC control) or via text messages via the data interface (status-out).

Supported PDF formats

Adobe PDF version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

Available for SOLID 90A3, SOLID 105A3 and SOLID 120A3

The advantages once again at a glance:

  • Cassette selection via predefined user configurations
  • Configuration of the print settings via a comfortable web interface
  • Independent of the operating system
  • Data is printed exactly as defined in the PDF; the data is not changed by a driver.
  • Data transmission and printout fast, since the processing via a driver is omitted.
  • Integration into production systems via PLC control and status-out.