The SOLID 90A3 in the automated packaging system of the new logistics centre

About the customer

The customer operates on a global scale and combines multiple strong brands under one roof. Since its beginning in the early 70s the customer has become one of the best known companies in their market with more than 1,000 self managed stores and sales spaces, more than 2,500 shop-in-shops and approximately 300 franchised stores worldwide as well as brand online-shops. Overall the shops have 7,000 employees worldwide and distribution channels in roughly 60 countries.


The new (central) logistics centre – a milestone in the company‘s history

The new central logistics centre replaces the decentralised logistics warehouses and significantly increases the availability of the product. Previously the articles were already assigned to a specific sales channel during production, now this only happens when the product is picked. Therefore the customer can offer his customers the right items at the right time throughout all of the available distribution channels.

The challenge

The customer needs to pack, label and track up to 2,700 cartons (packages) and 10,000 units of hanging goods per hour, i.e. a total of 30 million items per year. This enormous performance can only be achieved with the aid of powerful hardware and software systems. An important area is the printing of invoices and labels, which are individual controlled and must be printed at the same time as the item arrives on the packing line. These documents are then fed to the consignments automatically as soon as a carton arrives on the inserter. To ensure this happens, the printer must have a number of absolute requirements:

  • Fast print start (it must start printing immediately)
  • High paper capacity (so the operator does not have to constantly refill the paper)
  • Robust printing unit for several hundred thousand pages per month
  • Intelligent communication with the system and the document feeder
  • Economical printing solution
  • High availability of printing technology and service.

Here you can find the complete user report!

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