Rotech RF-Lite TT

SOLID thermal printer in combination with a Rotech paper feed optimizes your packaging print for smaller and medium production batches.

Cooperation with Rotech Machines Limited

Rotech Machines Ltd. Is a coding and marking specialist located near London. Among other things, Rotech develops single sheet feeders that reliably separate a variety of materials and provide a downstream system.

A Microplex thermal printer of the SOLID series is used for this transfer interface. This integrated complete system consisting of a printer and a single sheet feeder offers the possibility to print variable information and graphics directly on packaging materials such as blister cards, paper, plastics, bags etc.

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High savings potential - Direct printing on packaging materials

The direct print on different packaging saves the cost of sticking separate labels on it. The packaging materials can be printed with variable data directly in the single sheet process and immediately processed further.

The rugged and reliable Industrial Thermo printers of the Microplex SOLID series have been specifically optimized for direct single sheet printing on packaging materials such as cardboard, plastic, Tyvek, poly bags, paper and much more.

As a result, already pre-punched packages can be printed directly and "just-in-time" with variable product data (e.g., minimum durability, serial numbers, production data, etc.). Additional costs for separate labels do not apply.

In addition to the production costs, this also drastically reduces the production times and greatly increases your flexibility.

The high print resolution of the Microplex SOLID 300dpi thermal printer delivers small fonts, pictograms, 1D and 2D barcodes in excellent, edge-sharp quality.

Versatile applications

The system RF-Lite TT is perfect for individual marking in production, dispatch, logistics and packaging:

    • Medical technology: printing of variable production data
    • food production: individual labelling with e.g. Production date, ...
    • Blister packaging: variable printing directly onto the blister cards
    • Smaller to medium order production (approx. 500 to 30,000 pieces per day)


    The robust and reliable integration of the feed into the printing system ensures trouble-free operation thanks to reliable material transport.


    The material change (format size) is very easy in seconds by a trained operator. This increases your flexibility and reduces machine downtimes.

    All highlights at a glance:

    • Cost reduction by direct pressure on the packaging material
    • Time saving by the omission of additional labels
    • Individual single sheet printing of packaging material with variable data
    • Professional appearance of imprints by high print quality
    • System for printing widths up to 213mm available.
    • High productivity (e.g., 3,600 / hour at 100x100mm material)
    • Interruption-free production (refilling of material during operation)
    • Low standstill times with 600 meter color tapes
    • Various printing inks available
    • European brand quality with printer "Made in Germany"
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